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During these years of solar minimum and the prospect of intercontinental band openings low, the board of directors has determined a set of strategic goals to work for. Jon Jones, N0JK, was instrumental in providing the impetus for the direction SMIRK will take. There are five main areas that SMIRK will concentrate on during this solar minimum period.

1) Support and encourage DX activity within multi-hop Es range of North America and Europe. This could be "6M only" and "HF + 6M" DXpeditions as well as resident local activity in places like J3, V4, 6Y, etc. Look at the "real rare ones" in the Carib. and NA like CY9 (still needed by many), CY0, FO0 Clipperton, FP (still needed), HK0, HK0M, KP1, KP5, YV0 Aves, 4U1UN, and XF4. KP1, KP5, TI9 and YV0 Aves are some real tough ones to do...

2) Support and encourage 6M EME DXpeditions and resident 6M EME activity in all parts of the world.

3) Support the placement and support of 6M beacons that would help spot 6M Es openings of interest. The VP9DUB beacon is an example of a beacon that will help both NA and EU operators.

4) Mount an education campaign to instruct new six meter operators on the band plan, calling frequencies, DX window, and operating etiquette and courtesy. The UKSMG code of conduct is a prime example of good operating procedure and should be the model.

5) Continue to promote the use of six meters through contests, supporting six meter dxpeditions and other high visibility options.

1) Concurrent with the rise of the new Solar Cycle, SMIRK will begin to shift its emphasis to placing and supporting 6M beacons that will help spot F2 openings of interest, Easter Island, and other South Pacific entities are examples.

2) Support and encourage DX activity as the peak of the Solar Cycle approaches. Including "6M only", "HF + 6M" DXpeditions, and resident local 6M activity.

3) Continue to support and encourage 6M EME activity.

4) Consider working with UKSMG and other 6M organizations and possibly some of the HF DX groups to encourage and support 6M DXing.


SMIRK promotes DX activity on six meters by contributing to DXpeditions to rare locations and even arranging donations of rigs to overseas operators who show a serious commitment to operating on six meters. In some parts of the world, six has only recently become available to amateur operation and thus equipment for the band is quite difficult to obtain. This support SMIRK provides, contributes to the operating pleasure for everyone on the band.

1. Contributed to CY9AA and CY0AA DXpeditions.
2. Contributed 6M radio to VP6BR in Pitcairn Island to remain on the island.
3. Contributed support for C21JH DXpedition (December 2000).
4. SMIRK members, Bob Magnani, K6QXY, and Pat Rose, W5OZI contributed a M2 6 meter antenna, LMR coax, Kenwood TS-60 transceiver to the CE0XT DXpedition (February, 2001).
5. SMIRK and Dale Richardson, AA5XE, provided a six meter antenna to Alan, KI7WO for his trip to Costa Rica in October 2001.
6. Bob Magnani, K6QXY, and SMIRK provided a six meter antenna and LMR 400 coax to the Conway Reef expedition (October 2001).
7. SMIRK allocated funds to build, ship, install, and maintain a beacon for Easter Island. (In progress).
8. Provided financial support to TI9M, Cocos Island DXpedition.
9. Provided financial support to FP/K1TOL & FP/N1RZ DXpedition.
10. Provided financial support to PW0T DXpedition.
11. Provided financial support to CY0MM DXpedition.
12. Provided financial support to ST0RY DXpedition.
13. Provided financial support to 5V7C DXpedition, March 2004.
14. Provided financial support to 3B9C DXpedition, March 2004.
15. Provided financial support to CY9SS DXpedition, June 2005.
16. Provided financial support to CY0AA DXpedition, July 2005.
17. Provided financial support to Six Meter Beacon Project, 2005 and 2006.
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